Our Staff

We believe life transformation through discipleship is best accomplished not through programs, but through people­—specifically, faithful people following Christ’s example of love. These are the qualities we value in those who serve with JiHM.

Faithfully climb mountains. 

We are willing to daily go the extra mile to serve someone, even when it may come at personal cost. We are willing to work hard to get extra education to excel at our jobs. We are committed to seeing things through.

Willing to pick up trash. 

Whether we serve God as a director, a cook, a missionary, or a driver, we know there is no task that is beneath us in service to our neighbor—including picking up trash.

Love well. 

We will go deep with each person we serve so we can love them well. We will know their stories, their parents, where they live. We might not have stunning statistics to share, but we make it our goal to know people as Jesus knows people, as even the hairs on their heads are numbered.

Mission Administration

Carole Roger
Director of Operations
Milien Frisner
Field Administrator

Mission Staff

Ralph Roger
W. Tyson Jean
Fleurendieu Anulyse “Pele”
Phillipe St. Clair
Grounds Crew
Brunvil Carnet
Grounds Crew

Grace Emmanuel School Staff

Andris Sanon
Interim Director
Ruth Louis
Director of Kindergarten
Wilfrid Leconte
Director of Pedagogy
Marie-Lyne St Fleur
Iselande Dorisca
Sponsorship Manager
Maudeline St Fleur

Jean Paul Alcimeus
Teacher, Geology

Adelet Augustin
Teacher, French Grammar

Arthur Alcenat
Teacher, French

Gerald Augustin
Teacher, 6th Grade

Pierre Matteus Balde
Teacher, French Literature

Ronald Bastien
Teacher, Chemistry

Angeline Bazile

Brunia Beaufils
Teacher, 1st Kindergarten

M. Francia Cètoute

Roody Charles
Teacher, Algebra

Marcel Charles
Teacher, Physics

Jean Raymond Delice
Teacher, Spanish

Carlos Dorelus
Teacher, Algebra

Vitalene Dorisca
Teacher, 2nd kindergarten

Manise Dorival

Marie Dorival

Andrémène Dorvilmé

Billy John Estiverne
Teacher, Math

Joseph A. Ferdinand
Teacher, Creole

Yolanda Fleurent
Teacher, 3rd Grade

Jean C. Guerrier
Teacher, Physics

Lifaite E. Hyppolite
Teacher, French

Joel Innocent
Teacher, Biology

Colin Jacques
Teacher, French

Nathalie J. Baptiste
Teacher, 1st Grade

Enice Joseph

Marie Denise Joseph

Gary Louis Joseph
Teacher, Spanish

Ronald Joseph
Teacher, Math

M. Odelyne Laine

Cassandra Léonce
Teacher, 2nd Grade

Joseph Fricot Louis
Teacher, Social Studies

Launise Louis

Sonia Lundy

Mario Maurency
Teacher, 5th Grade

Louis J. Mesidor
Teacher, Geometry

Jein Montrenor
Teacher, Biology

Bruna Morency

John S. Paul
Teacher, Chemistry

Joseph Erns Paul
Teacher, Haitian Literature

Phanicia Pierre

Soeurette Pierre
Teacher, 3rd kindergarten

Daniel Samedy
Teacher, Chemistry

Othny Zetraine
Teacher, 4th Grade

Lighthouse Staff

Odette Francois

Erlange Lucas

Nellie Lucas

Jean Denis Ormeus

Stephanie Pierre

Victory Bible Church Staff

Derson Louis
Lead Pastor

Dieuvert Prive
Pastor, Church Administrator

Joseph Evald Guerrier
Youth Pastor

Jean Robert Celestin
Adult Ministries

Mickerlange Jean
Church Maestro

US Staff

Kristi Bucher
Communications & Development Manager—Partner with Kristi