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Become a Lighthouse supporter for $25 a month and join the team sustaining the redemptive work happening at the Lighthouse.

As a monthly supporter, you will receive quarterly updates from the Lighthouse family, and an updated photo of the child you support annually.

To provide complete care, the Lighthouse needs 25 supporters per child. (See our progress.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my donation used?

Funds given through Circles of Support are used to cover expenses involved in running the Lighthouse and supporting the children, including costs that are similar to any family’s budget: school supplies, food, housing, utilities, transportation, toiletries, clothing, propane, drinking water, health care, celebrations, repairs, and emergencies, as well some costs unique to a children’s home in Haiti, such as security guards, and the salaries of household staff and caregivers.

This is a rough breakdown of how your $25 donation is spent each month:

donation chart

School tuition, an additional cost, is covered with funds raised from the Haitian Hustle 5K.

Can I communicate with the child I’m supporting?

We encourage you to send letters of encouragement, verses, artwork, and cards often to the child you support. However, because of the amount of partners needed for each child, the child will not be able to write letters back.

Why is a team of supporters needed per child?

Most sponsorship programs provide a day activity or meet one specific need of that child, such as their education, while the child has their basic needs met by parents or family at home. The costs to provide that one service are significantly less. The children at the Lighthouse have lost all support from their families and the cost is significantly higher to meet their every need.

Can I support more than one child?

Of course. To support two children, give $50 a month, or join all of their Circles of Support for $175 a month.

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