The Lighthouse

Among the many orphaned in the 2010 earthquake were four students from Grace Emmanuel School. To specifically care for these students, JiHM created the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is not an orphanage, but an intentional family made up of these children—now teenagers—and their caregivers. In addition to these students, a few more children have been added to the Lighthouse family through the years. 

The hope, in situations where the possibility remains, is always restoration with their birth family. The Lighthouse Legacy fund helps support children who have made these transitions or young adults who have left the Lighthouse.


  • Currently home to 6 teens & young adults
  • Focuses on meeting the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and social needs of each teen
  • Employs 1 caregiver, housekeepers and security guards
Circles of Support

The Lighthouse needs your support

Care for a teen at the Lighthouse by joining a Circle of Support.

Lighthouse Timeline

  • 2008
    JiHM takes in two young boys from a destitute orphanage and a child from Victory Bible Church whose mom cannot care for him
  • January 2010 (Earthquake)
    Five additional children are taken under JiHM’s care and a Haitian caregiver is hired to care for them
  • 2012
    Another child joins the Lighthouse family when the orphanage she had been living in closes
  • 2014
    A student from Grace Emmanuel School is abandoned by his parents to live at the school, and joins the Lighthouse
  • 2017
    After two years of relationship rebuilding, one child returns home to his parents. The Lighthouse Legacy fund is established.
  • 2020
    Another child leaves the Lighthouse to live with his older brother who can now help care for him.
  • 2022
    Two Lighthouse kids graduate from high school.

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