Student Sponsorship FAQ

How do I update my automatic giving information?

You can update your giving information in three different ways.

  1. Submit the online  sponsorship form using your new payment information. We will delete the old payment information from your account.
  2. Email for login information to view your account information and update online.
  3. Call 260-302-5446 to update your account information over the phone.

How are sponsorship funds applied?

Sponsorship funds go to help cover the basic operating costs of Grace Emmanuel School. This includes expenses such as books and exams; food for lunches; fuel and maintenance for the school bus; the salaries of teachers, cooks, the bus driver, and security guards; and property maintenance.

Does the student's family pay anything for their education?

Yes. For younger students we charge the equivalent of $4.50 USD for the entire year. For the older students, this increases to around $6.50 USD. Completely free schools are not respected in Haiti, and we have found that our families value the education their children receive at Grace Emmanuel School more because they have a part in it. There are still about 15 students every year who cannot afford this enrollment fee, and we waive the fee for those students. Students are also responsible for their uniforms. Again, we provide help for students whose families cannot afford this cost.

How many sponsors does each student have?

Only one.

How will my student communicate with me?

Every student will be given two opportunities during the school year to write to their sponsor. If you sponsor a younger student, these letters will be written by the student’s teacher or another adult.

When you write to your student, the student will write a response letter to you. Please allow several months for these replies due to translation and only having mail delivery once per month in Haiti.

You will also receive an updated photo every fall. We hope through this communication you will be able to see the growth of your student and understand the impact of your sponsorship.

How will I communicate with my student?

We encourage you to send a letter to your student by either printing the letter template and mailing it to the address listed or submitting a letter online. Feel free to include a photograph of yourself and your family. Your student will be encouraged by receiving your letters and knowing you care. Write often and plan for one to two months for delivery of your letter.

Can I visit my student?

Yes! Jesus in Haiti Ministries invites you to come to Haiti, meet your student, and see for yourself what God is doing in the lives of the Haitian people. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at for more details.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

JiHM allows you to continue your sponsorship until your student completes his or her education. In Haiti, this is after 13th grade. At a minimum, we ask you make a one year commitment to your student.

What happens if my student leaves the school?

Sometimes our students move away or leave school for many other reasons. If this should happen, we will inform you as soon as possible and place you with another student who is waiting to be sponsored.

Why is my student in the same grade as last year?

Many of our students have little to no support at home, making it difficult for them to study outside the classroom and then meet standards for their grade level. If your student is repeating a grade, be sure to pray and send letters of encouragement. If struggling students aren’t held back, when the government begins to test them in 6th grade, they can shut down the school for sending unprepared students to the exam.

May I send my student gifts?

We would love for you to bless your student with a gift. However, due to the high cost of transporting packages from the US to Haiti, we have found it is more cost effective for JiHM staff to purchase the gifts in Haiti on  your behalf. We offer two opportunities to give gifts:

To give a gift for your student’s birthday, give at least one month in advance of his/her birthday.

To give a gift for Christmas, we ask that you make a special donation of $20 for your student before November 15.

What if I can no longer continue my sponsorship?

We understand financial situations may change. If you can no longer meet your financial commitment to your student, please email us promptly at so we can quickly seek another sponsor for your student. JiHM relies on faithful giving to meet the school’s budget each month.