Pray for your sponsored student

Prayer support is one of the most important gifts you can give the student you sponsor, and one of the things your student most values about your sponsorship.

Not sure where to start with your prayers? Pray for your student in these five holistic areas.

Spiritual Health

  • Pray that he will understand that he is loved by his Heavenly Father and put his trust in Jesus.
  • Pray that he would be part of a healthy, God-honoring church.
  • Pray that he would be influenced by Christian mentors and friends.
  • Pray that he would have a growing love for God and His Word.
  • Pray that he would serve God alone and not be deceived by false teaching.

Physical Health

  • Pray that she will grow up strong and healthy.
  • Pray for her safety from diseases and injuries.
  • Pray for her protection from violence and abuse.
  • Pray for continued access to food, medical care and safe water when she is away from school.


  • Pray he will prioritize schoolwork and seek help for any academic struggles.
  • Pray his family would also prioritize school and encourage him outside the classroom.
  • Pray he will discover his strengths and develop them to help his community.
  • Pray that he will have future opportunities to find further training in his chosen career.

Social Health

  • Pray that she will make good friends and have healthy relationships at school.
  • Pray that she would be a good friend to those around her and a light for Jesus.
  • Pray that she will make healthy connections in her neighborhood and good choices with her free time.
  • Pray that she would see herself and others as valued by God.

Emotional Health

  • Pray he would have healthy connections with his family, and a safe and consistent place to call home.
  • Pray for his healing from any past or ongoing trauma.
  • Pray he would have trusted mentors to help walk through the difficulties of life.
  • Pray he would have courage and confidence to make the best decisions.
  • Pray he would know who he is in Christ.

Thank you for praying for your students! Don’t forget to also pray for any specific requests they have mentioned in their letters, and to pray for the people caring for them, including family and JiHM staff.

Finally, write to your sponsored student and let them know that you have been praying for them.