“Three Things” with Fedner at the Lighthouse

Next month will mark Fedner’s fourth anniversary living at the Lighthouse. While his quick smile and sense of humor are his most obvious personality traits, Fedner is intellectual and inventive, and motivated by a desire to help his family. Here is a look at how he views himself at age 17.

What are 3 things you are especially good at?

I am good at school, cooking, and inventing things.

What are 3 things you have been complimented on?

I’ve been complimented for my intelligence, for having lots of courage and perseverance, and for my cooking skills.

What are 3 accomplishments that have marked your life?

When they said I couldn’t score a goal in soccer, I scored. When they said my team wouldn’t win at camp, we won. And when they said I wouldn’t pass the exam, I passed.

What are 3 ways you have brought joy to another person?

I make my class laugh by telling jokes. At Robenson’s birthday party, I brought the fun. And when I explained a funny video to Peterson, Adriano and Johnny, they laughed a lot.

What are 3 things you give the most value to?

My life. My biological family. God.

What are 3 ways you have helped other people?

I help my friends with money for food. I help cook food for the Lighthouse on Saturdays when Mama Odette is resting. I loaned Adriano a shirt to go to school.

And finally, what are 3 things that make you unique?

My intelligence, my eagerness to learn everything, and my thirst for reading.

Fedner—you are a gift from God! 

Scindie Saint Fleur began as part-time psychologist for the Lighthouse in 2014, where she focused on family reunification. Scindie completed her degree in child psychology in 2017 and began working as part-time counselor at Grace Emmanuel School. In 2020, Scindie moved to pursue an opportunity as a school psychologist in the southwestern arm of Haiti.