Praising God at work in Haiti: An update from Roger

It has been over a month since we faced widespread chaos in Haiti, with protests over economic and socio-political problems that shut down normal life for many days.

Near the end of the protests, Haiti’s president addressed the nation to let us know how the prime minister would fix the problems. Though peace has been in place for the most part since then, not many promises have been fulfilled, and the prime minister has since been fired.

Not much change

The Haitian gourde has slightly increased in value, but food has not gone down as promised. Life in Haiti remains very expensive. A few of the products that have seen the highest increases compared to one year ago:

  • imported rice +23%
  • milk powder +26%
  • meat +30%
  • bananas +27%
  • cassava +43%
  • medication +34%
  • propane +20%

There continues to be serious violence in some areas of Port-au-Prince, well removed from JiHM. The U.S. government has maintained a “Level 4: Do not travel” warning for Haiti, despite the efforts of Haiti’s tourism industry to get it reduced.

A handful of the students who are benefiting directly from your relief giving.

God at work

Yet in all of this, we praise God for how He has moved to meet the increased needs at our mission for the families we serve.

In the last several weeks, JiHM partner churches and supporters have given nearly $30,000 in relief funds. Praise God!

With this assistance during the worst of the protests, we were able to immediately provide over 300 families with one-time food relief. Going forward these “above and beyond” funds will enable JiHM to:

  • boost 90 national staff salaries as needed to offset inflation.
  • purchase a bulk supply of stable foods to store for situations when markets close again for an extended period of time.
  • provide ongoing weekend food relief for 30 families in the most need at school, purchasing the food at local markets so we can also boost the local economy. (Food relief will take the form of a “backpack buddy” program, with staff and volunteers from Victory Bible Church assembling food packets of rice, beans, canned fish, spaghetti, and oil to send home with these students every weekend.)
  • fund treatment for students identified as malnourished.
  • increase our monthly student care budget to meet the growing medical needs of our student body.
Roger (foreground) with Frisner, Ralph, and Chicanot, packing food to share with families at the mission during the protests in February.

Thank you for demonstrating your love

We continue to trust that God is in control, and your overwhelming response to these needs—without even being asked—is evidence of that.

We are so thankful for all of your support. It has really showed your heart for this country. If we ever wondered if you loved us, you have shown it deeply by your outpouring of concern over what was happening. You have shown how much you love us.

Again, all I can say is, Praise God. Please continue to pray for Haiti.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Carole Roger

Roger Carole is the director of operations for Jesus in Haiti Ministries. He returned to JiHM in 2015 after working with Samaritan’s Purse for several years following the earthquake. Roger and his wife, Kerline, live in Source Matelas with their two sons.