Planting roots for the tree of success

Scindie Saint Fleur, GES School Psychologist, has been working this spring with students who are struggling academically.

“I was wondering what could lead them to think about their motivation,” she said, “and I thought of a tree.”

Together, Scindie and the students created the “Tree of Success of Grace Emmanuel School.”

On the tree, they wrote out what fruits they would like to see in their lives—what they hoped for in their future.

For some of the students, these fruits were as simple as “pass to the next class” and “learn to write well.” Others included “become a computer engineer” and “become a doctor of the science I like best.”

Scindie Saint Fleur
The Grace Emmanuel Tree of Success

Then they talked about what roots they would need to produce those fruits—the efforts they would need to make, and the promises they would need to keep.

For example, one of the students would like to become a doctor. For his roots, he wrote he will need to pray to God, study more, and apply himself more to the teachers’ courses.

Other “roots” identified included paying attention in class, working harder, and having respect for others.

Thank you Scindie, for your creative work with the students at GES. We are so lucky to have you on staff!