Make dreams become reality for Grace Emmanuel School

Today we are thrilled to share all the details about improvement projects planned for Grace Emmanuel School—and invite you to say YES! to making these plans a reality.

As Grace Emmanuel School approached its 15th anniversary in 2019, JiHM began asking students, parents and staff to dream about the next 15 years at Grace Emmanuel School. What would GES look like for the Class of 2034?

Students sketched out their ideas for the property, including everything from pools to more trees, volleyball courts to chemistry labs. Over 250 people completed surveys, filled with hundreds of good ideas.

Students were asked to draw their vision for Grace Emmanuel School in 2034.
These 5-year-olds make up Grace Emmanuel School’s Class of 2034.

A few projects surfaced to the top of everyone’s lists. A computer lab. A library. Improved access to drinking water.

We looked forward to quickly making these dreams reality—and then came months of unforeseen disruptions from political instability and a pandemic. Instead of fundraising for capital projects, we asked for relief funds to address hunger issues for students and their families.

School has now been able to meet mostly uninterrupted for almost 10 months, and despite continuing political instability, it’s time to move forward for the futures of 375 students at Grace Emmanuel School.

Will you say YES! to help GES meet these six most urgent needs?

For details on each project, visit the campaign webpage:

TOTAL GOAL = $115,000

Today we kick off fundraising to meet the first goal—the retaining wall to preserve the classrooms. This project is the most time-sensitive, as construction can only happen when school is not in session. As soon as the wall is funded, we’ll move on to the second goal, and then the third—until all six goals are funded. Thank you for prayerfully and generously giving to the glory of God!