A Battle of the Minds rages on at Grace Emmanuel School

As gangs continue to expand their territory around the capital of Haiti, the students at Grace Emmanuel School are choosing instead to take part in a battle of the minds.

Beginning in mid-April and ending with a championship on May 17, the school-wide competition pits the most knowledgeable students from each grade level (as chosen by the students themselves) against students from another grade.

Alternating turns, the students draw a question written by the school’s challenge committee and then answer it either individually or collectively while the rest of the student body watches to see which class will be victorious and advance to the next round. Questions can range from math to chemistry, social studies to spelling and are chosen to be appropriate for each grade level.

Enjoy these photos and videos from the last week of competition.

View footage from the 4th vs 5th grade spelling competition, and 11th vs 12th grade knowledge competition.

Ninth Grade Genius Competition

Ninth graders are competing in their own competition against two other schools that began last Friday. This competition is organized by an inter school committee. They are currently tied for first place.