A Christmas Thank You to Sponsors

It’s always with much joy in the depths of my heart that I write you with words of thanks for the beautiful things you do for the children of Haiti. I always swell with pride every time I see the passion and love you have in your hearts for the children.

I am amazed when I translate letters and see how you communicate with them. You remember their birthdays like you were celebrating your own children. Sponsorship is a beautiful and great blessing in their lives and their family’s lives. Thank you for loving them and meeting the needs of their families.

A huge thank you especially this year for making it possible for the children to receive Christmas gifts. I hadn’t thought that I would be able to go out to purchase the gifts because of the situation in Haiti right now. We’ve had lots of violence and no security, but God protected me in this difficult moment. I was able to purchase the Christmas gifts, and that made me so happy! 

All the children loved the gifts they received. Many, many thanks again because your blessing made it happen. That is such a great work you do for the children of Haiti. They have many difficulties, but what you do makes them feel like they are living. 

The children know you love them a lot, and they love you a lot, too. May God continue to multiply in your lives and your families every day, and continue to pour out blessings on your house, your work and all the activities you do. 

Thank you for coming alongside the children of Haiti with the love of Jesus Christ. 

Happy new year 2020! May you be successful in the Lord! Proverbs 16:3

Iselande with students

Iselande Dorisca
GES Sponsorship Manager

2019 Christmas Party