A moment of triumph in turbulent times

Every year at the end of June, 9th graders in Haiti take a 3-day exam administered by the government. The students are tested in seven areas: Creole & French (the official languages of Haiti), social studies, science, math, and foreign languages (Spanish & English). The exam scores, released in August, determine if a student will begin secondary school or repeat 9th grade and take the exam again the following June. Continue reading

“Three Things” with Peterson at the Lighthouse

Peterson, who just completed 8th grade, devotes lots of time to his studies and especially enjoys working with Jean, the tutor for the Lighthouse. Peterson takes all he has learned and passes it along, helping classmates with their homework. He embraces his responsibility to take care of others, content as long as those he cares about are happy. In honor of his 15th birthday, here are “3 things” with Peterson:

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