Student Sponsorship

Your gift of $35 each month to Grace Emmanuel School makes it possible for your student to receive a Christian education from a devoted and caring staff, nutritious meals, transportation to school, and hope for a future free from poverty. Your sacrifice lifts the burden of unaffordable tuition off your student’s family as they fight to provide for his/her other needs, and accomplishes so much more.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to build a meaningful, godparent-type relationship with your student through letters and prayers and even visits to Haiti.

For more information about the student sponsorship program, see frequently asked questions & read about the impacts of sponsorship. If you have additional questions, JiHM staff will be happy to talk to you. Contact Kristi at or 260-302-JIHM.

To start your sponsorship:

  1. Pick the student you would like to sponsor below.
  2. Submit the online sponsorship form.

Prefer to give by mail? Print the sponsorship sheet for your student by clicking their name below, and then mail with your check. Please contact us to let us know the name of the student you will be sponsoring, so we can immediately take him/her off the website.

After we hear from you, we will mail you a photo of your student and a template to write your first letter. Thank you!

Currently Unsponsored Students

All students are currently sponsored! If you would like to be notified when a student needs a sponsor, please email